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Wahla Web has a well established history in Information Technologies, specializing in custom software development and consulting services. Wahla Web has helped a range of businesses from SMB to Large Enterprises and even Software Vendors save heavily on time and development costs, bring complex applications & products to market faster. Wahla Web has long been helping companies achieve their goals with impactful & industry-specific software development solutions. Dedicated to satisfying consumer demands, Wahla Web recently decided to broaden its support for Small to Medium sized Businesses by creating a highly qualified division dedicated to web development and lifelong support.

The fast paced world of technological growth has left so many businesses in a state of confusion, the tech savvy have adapted & survive while the not so tech savvy are being left behind due to fear of the unknown or the simple lack of knowhow. This recent phenomenon has left more than 2 million businesses in the UK alone in a state where they have an aged substandard website or no website at all. In this new world where a website is as important or more so then a shop front sign board, this alarming fact has caused so many businesses unrecoverable losses. Specialists have identified that the reason for this is a simple lack of understanding & knowhow, as even today so many can barely manage an email let alone a technical marketing tool like a WebSite.


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Vital in communicating with your customer,Wahla Web's excemtional creative team can help you get your message across with success

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WhalaWeb's Quick & Easy 7 Step Process & Endless Styles Fully Customiseable to Suit Your Business, Makes Having a Website Simple.


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Packages have been carefully sorted to suit everyday customer needs. Package prices are a one time fee for the development of your site from start to finish, Domain Name & Hosting are Charged Separately. Instantly after your purchase is completed a friendly web development professional is assigned to your project & work begins in as quick as 24-48 hours.

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Wahlaweb provide multiple web's styles. Pick a Style that suits your business


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