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Planner-Plus is a comprehensive Destination selection tool for Planners to use with Clients or Colleagues for real-time fact-based planning and decision-making, saving potentially hundreds of man-hours of frustrating manual research.

Planner-Plus simplifies the the complexity of Destination-selection (especially those with multiple-origin attendees) by utilising real time databases of key planning variables to help select the most optimal Destination for your next Event, increasing the efficiency and intelligence of planning whilst saving time and related resources so you may focus on the greater value creation for your event.

Planner-Plus is a cloud-based solution with real-time database support which minimises the efforts of the individual whilst allowing group collaboration, anytime, anywhere with a Web connection, or even offline with a report generated by Planner-Plus

Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase the efficiency and quality of decision-making of Planners and their Clients/Delegates for better Destination selection through the use of Technology.

What Makes Us More Effective

Planner-Plus was created by Events Planners with close to 20 years of experience to help increase the efficiency of Destination-selection through the use of Technology.

This is a first version of a service we hope can help Planners who needs to plan trips for group of multiple origins, improving on manual and time-consuming processes which we hope to improve on through increased usage and feedback.

Planner-Plus Planner-Plus Planner-Plus

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