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Healthcare App

Health Care App Development

Data obtained by various sources shows that almost 75% of hospital visits are very basic and can be easily handled via a phone or a video call instead.

What’s more, a hospital visit isn’t always an available option. Many countries face a shortage of certain specialists or of healthcare facilities which could result in longer waiting times for patients.

By investing in telemedicine app development, healthcare facilities opt for a hands-on alternative to hospital visits, focusing on the intelligence of health care and health industry. Telemedicine is a real time conversation and consultation platform between doctors and patients. Invotyx helps create a smooth scheduling and appointment platform for healthcare professionals, save the time of the 75% of patients who do not need a physical examination, as well as give better access to healthcare for the people who live in underserved rural areas. Our telemedicine suit comes with complete server and client side application, backend panel for managing users, doctors and admin reporting.

Doctor Application

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User Friendly

This app is user friendly at both front and back ends.

Easy scheduling

The process of booking appointments and scheduling is easy for both the doctors and patients.

Appointments Management

Patients can interact with doctors in a variety of ways with mobile A doctor can view appointments and manage them. Doctor has an option to edit his profile and can schedule his availability dates and the day he's on vacation.

Patient Application

Appointment Booking

Patients can interact with doctors in a variety of ways with mobile.Patients can choose and book an appointment at the flexible time and date.

Advance Search

A patient can search for doctor according to specialty and location.

Reports Management

All previous check-in details and past appointments can be accessed by patient and can upload his medical reports that can be seen by doctor.

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Backend (OpenEMR)

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Free Open Source

OpenEMR is free and open-source software subject to the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). OpenEMR is subject to ongoing efforts of internationalization and localization in multiple languages, and there is free support available in various forums over the world. At the time of writing, commercial support is offered by more than 30 vendors in more than 10 countries


The official OpenEMR code repository was migrated from CVS to git on 20 October 2010. The project's main code repository is on GitHub. There are also official mirrored code repositories on Sourceforge, Google Code, Gitorious, Bitbucket, Assembla, CodePlex and Repo.or.cz.

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